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Make a Vision Board that Works

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

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2023 Vision Board Checklist
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Why Vision Boards don't work

If you are new to that vision board life let me give you a few basic pitfalls to avoid. 

A vision board is a tool you can use to add fuel to the flames of attaining your goals. 

There are several different types of boards you can do.  You can create a board for your overall life and well-being, that covers several different aspects of your life.  I go into greater detail in my video What Why How of vision boards. 

A vision board can be for a very specific goal or area of life. The one area that you feel is your most important goal. Or, the area that needs the most attention to improve your life satisfaction.

For example, if your goal is to be healthier your board could be of workouts, vegetables, a picture of six-pack abs. But you would also want to make sure you have "power words" and your main affirmation on this board. 

Now you’ve set your goal and you cast your vision so why isn’t it working?

Most people have been taught only one aspect of having a vision board. To cast your vision and look at it every day. 

Well, that leads us to reason #1 why vision boards don’t work. You spend more time looking at your vision than working on your vision. 

Not sure if you have gone to that vision board party where you are sitting around with your girls drinking bubbly and just flipped through magazines picking pictures that inspire you. 

So you come out with this fun board that is all over the place and you look at this board every day and your brain is confused because it is not in alignment with your overall goals. A confused mind says no and usually takes no action 

That is another reason your vision board won't work.  You don’t have a clear vision 

And, finally, I have to break this news to you and you may not want to hear it, but vision boards aren’t for everyone. 

If you sit down to do a vision board and you get a nasty feeling in your gut, your shoulders begin to tense. A vision board might not be your thing. 

You should have uplighting freeing open alive goals dreams and visions. If this feels like a chore or your vibration has dropped so low that the thought of doing a vision boards gives you a queasy stomach this is not a good sign.

If your vibration is that low while you create this vision, the energy behind attracting that vision will be low as well.  That is one reason your vision board is not working. 

So what do we do about that? 

Let’s Raise Your vibration and get you in a feel-good mood.

To boost your mood, have a dance party, eat some chocolate to raise your vibration before you sit down and choose the goal you want to attain. This will make sure the energy behind that vision is in alignment with attracting that vision.

Next, now that you are in a good mood let's get clear on that goal. So many times you have so many goals you are afraid to pick one only to look up months later And you haven’t moved towards any of them.  Pick one (for now). Get clear on which one to do first. Notice I didn’t say kick the other goals to the curb.  Just pick the first one. 

Now, decide what authentic action you can take toward that goal. Map out a plan and most importantly be open to and willing to see what God and the Universe send your way. 

A vision board is more than just pictures. It is your vision. It is the premonition of your dreams realized. 

If you liked this video leave a comment below and grab your own vision board mastery system where we dive deeper into the the psychology of your vision and your goals so you can have success month after month after month. We’ll help you uncover your most authentic goals and map out a plan for attracting the life you envision. 

I’m Natasha McCrea - My specialty is life Transformation and love. If you want to stay true to your authentic goals, call in more love, and unlock the genuine confidence that will help you design the life you want then join our private network of like-minded individuals. 

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