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Evolution of a Love Addict

Written and Perfomed by Natasha McCrea

Directed by Michael Phillip Edwards

Evolution of a Love Addict is a Sneak Peek into the mind of a serial dating divorcee on her quest to find the Love that really matters while revisiting life altering events from her past. 

Evolution of a Love Addict

Evolution of a Love Addict

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Natasha McCrea

A Multi-Passionate Creative & Entreprenuer

Natasha is the Founder of Love CEO Institute, a personal development company for women. She has a degree in Psychology from Grand Canyon University. As a recovered love addict, Natasha has seen and experienced self doubting, negative mindset, and an overall imbalance in work and life that keeps women from reaching their greatest potential. Through the development of her one-woman show, “Evolution of a Love Addict,” several years of counseling, and serial entrepreneurship Natasha turned her life around and elevated herself from love addict to Love CEO.


During a successful national tour of her show, which included audience talkback sessions, she encouraged audiences to face their fears and step into their life’s purpose by design the life they want. She then founded Love CEO Institute


Her Industry experience spanning over the last 20 years includes acting in commercials, tv appearances, award winning production of several short films. She has directed a one-woman show, a commercial, and documentary (in post production). She also won an award for best-writer for her one-woman show.


She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband.

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