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"Design the life they want by calling in the love you desire." - Natasha McCrea





Natasha McCrea is the founder of Love CEO Institute and creator of the Feel Good Method. She is a multi-passionate coach, speaker, actress and author who will coach you how take a holistic approach to life, love and business. So, you can embody a higher quality of life. 

Her methodologies help you

  • Stay true to your authentic goals

  • Build real confidence

  • Unlock Masculine/Feminine balance

  • Attract authentic love you  


The richest place in the world is in the heart of the womxn next to me. As CEO and founder of Love CEO Institute I am honored to guide you so that you can call more love in to your life. Then and only then will you start enjoying the journey."

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She has conquered before. Whether her desires lead her to love, career, finances, her body, mental health or her soul she is determined to win. She is on a quest for life to feel good. She leans in to the inspiration and guidance that is fulfilled by the collective consciousness of women like her. She designs the life she wants because she’s made loving her life a lifestyle. 


She is a strong women and this space is for her. She is a Love CEO


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Make it Rise

“Any event Natasha speaks at will be lucky to have her the value she adds is priceless.”

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