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Design the Life You Want 

Guided Journals

If you're reading this thinking you haven't been feeling so strong lately or you really want

to dive deeper to a better understanding of living your best life, your

time is now.


Declare, now, you'll start to design the life you really

want while enjoying the journey. Let the "Design the Life You Want"

guided journal be a declaration to living your best life ever.

Self- awareness is the first key to reaching any goal. You're going

through life on auto-pilot and that's not the behavior of a designer.

Let's wake up your senses and dive deep into greater self-awareness,

so you can start designing the life you really want.

Let your instinct choose the volume you are called to. 


The monthly vision board helped me to see the small things manifest and it wasn't overwhelming. It was the best thing to include in my journaling and everyday life.

Chrystee Pharris, Actress/Host

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